Dear All,

An update on our unsuccessful attempt to acquire the freehold of the North Star public house.

The Committee decided in early September not to extend our Crowdfunder campaign as it was clear we had no chance of reaching our £180,000 target. Following that decision Crowdfunder have returned the payments made via their website and we have refunded in full the share purchase payments made direct to the North Star Society Limited.

The ‘working fund’ was set up to meet the costs incurred before making the bid for the pub and we are holding a balance of £99.87. This is a copy of the fund’s income and expenditure account.

The Committee intend to donate this balance to the Royal British Legion and the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, the charities supported by Paul Lion, the Mayor of the Royal Borough.

I would like to thank you all for your support in our attempt to make the North Star a community owned pub. Our hope now is that the pub will be purchased by someone who wants to keep the building as a pub or is taken off the market in view of all the improvements that Debbie has made.


The North Star Society Ltd

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