Maidenhead Advertiser Feature

Our campaign has been featured in this week's Maidenhead Advertiser (no 7110, page 11). View article as PDF Would you like to feature our campaign in your publication? Please contact… Read article

The North Star Today

The North Star is a traditional, friendly pub in the quiet western part of Maidenhead. We strive to capture a 'village pub in the town' feel, with a warm and… Read article

Join Our Facebook Group!

Are you on Facebook? If so, please join our Facebook group at We need your help to spread the word about our campaign, so please share our posts from the… Read article

Where the North Star gets its name

The North Star is named after a locomotive built in 1837. It was designed by Robert Stephenson, originally for the New Orleans and Carroltown Railroad in the USA. However, following… Read article

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