Our ‘Save The Star’ Campaign So Far

The North Star is now registered as an ACV (Asset of Community Value) which means that its importance to the community gives it some protection from development. An ACV may be purchased by a local group who represent its users. If such a group simply expresses an interest in buying an ACV (they don’t have to tender a bid yet) then the ACV may not be sold until six months after it came on the market, which gives the group time to raise the necessary money.

This is our current position with The North Star; the six-month moratorium will end in the last week of July 2018. We will soon be launching a vigorous leafleting campaign to make residents aware of our efforts and seek their support. The Save the Star group meets once a week at the pub (usually Tuesdays at 7.30). Please come along if you think you can offer help or just want to find out more about us.

You can also fill out our survey to help us to give you the sort of pub you want by giving us your feedback or find out other ways to get involved in our Save The Star campaign.

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